A minute with… CEO, Rixos Hotels, Erkan Yildirim

Rixos Hotels

Rixos Hotels is gearing up for massive development in Egypt. Speaking to TTG exclusively, CEO, Rixos Hotels, Erkan Yildirim talks about the country’s charm, specifically focusing on Egypt’s Mediterranean coast and its USPs.

“The popularity of the region as a tourist destination is surging globally, especially due to the significant infrastructural development that the area has witnessed in recent years, in addition to the phenomenal weather it experiences throughout the year.

Egypt acts as a refuge for tourists from the Middle East and Asia, allowing them to escape the harsh summer sun, as well as for travellers from Europe who come here to take a break from the exceptionally cold temperatures. All of this is made easy by an increase of flights to Egypt from all over the world. Moreover, the destination offers a holistic experience that caters to guests of all interests (adventure sports, wellness, culture, history or even for a simple indulgent getaway).

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It pays heed to note that our area in Egypt’s Mediterranean coast is already brimming with a distinct and diverse variety of unparalleled attractions. Whether it is museums, beaches, lookouts, historic monuments, spas or hospitality offerings, Egypt’s Mediterranean coast has only the best of the best – and people are taking notice. Studies conducted by Colliers indicate that Egypt’s total tourism revenue will increase by 16.5 per cent between 2018 and 2022 – even outperforming the business segment. We are opening new hotels to meet this demand and airlines are also increasing flights to this area.”