A minute with… CEO, stglobe, Mary Papathanassiou 


stglobe is a global tourism supplier that works closely with travel agents, tour operators and airlines, providing them with stellar services. CEO, stglobe, Mary Papathanassiou, who is based in Athens, speaks exclusively to TTG about the company, its ethos and its vision for 2020

 TTG: Please tell our readers a bit about the ethos of stglobe and how it drives innovation, while promoting client growth.
These two, innovation and client growth, go hand in hand. Our customers trust us because we are innovative, they trust us because they know we are going to deliver on our promises and that we will make sure to keep innovating. And that’s why more and more customers trust us; and that’s where our ethos comes from. We believe in great customer service, we believe in taking care of the people who trust us. This way we can keep growing along with our customers.

TTG: How do you harness technology to promote growth?
Technology is at the heart of the travel industry and it’s at the heart of stglobe. We always want to make sure that our platform is fast, robust, reliable and easy to use. We have a brand new booking platform that has quality-of-life changes on the front end, but there’s a lot of new and exciting stuff going on under the hood as well. We also like to use big data to drive our decisions and tailor them to our customers’ needs and desires.


TTG: How are the services you offer unique?
We, at stglobe, pride ourselves in bringing hundreds of thousands of hotels as well as other types of properties and thousands of travel agents together. For hotels, we provide access to travel agents from all over the world. For travel agents, we provide instant access to millions of hotel rates. And we do all that while always being there for our customers, with excellent customer support services. Our representatives are always ready to help!

TTG: What’s new with stglobe?
Last year we rebranded to enhance our booking platform. Not only did we bring it up-to-date with current developments in the travel industry, but we believe that our solutions will be able to drive innovation. More to the point, apart from the renewed UI and UX, we invested in new servers, in order to make sure that our operations and, of course, our customers’ operations will work flawlessly and without interruption.

TTG: What is your strategy for 2020?
We have many exciting developments in line for the new year. Our new online tool for hoteliers will increase their ADR, thus promoting growth, both for the hoteliers and for us. We will also keep improving our already excellent customer support services because we believe in keeping our customers happy. Finally, already underway is a plan for expansion in our source markets, which means that hotels and travel agents will have even more options to choose from.