Abu Dhabi Airports in gear to warmly welcome Hajj travellers

Abu Dhabi Airports

Following strategic preparations, Abu Dhabi Airports is ready to welcome Hajj travellers and ensure that their departure and arrival experiences are seamless and safe.

Abu Dhabi Airports has equipped Abu Dhabi International Airport (AUH) with additional staff to facilitate the significant increase in traffic and the 15 additional Etihad Airways flights, including six charter flights dedicated to the General Authority of Islamic Affairs, Sheikh Zayed Foundation and Abu Dhabi Police.

Adding to this, dedicated check-in counters and additional luggage carts and transportation will be available at AUH for pilgrims, while Abu Dhabi Airports’ employees will greet departing religious travellers and provide them with personal Hajj kits, including a Miswak, religious books and a range of travel necessities.

AIME Feb 2020

On their return to the travel hub, pilgrims will be treated to dates, Arabic coffee and chocolates. Airport employees will also support with receiving Zamzam water bottles.

Acting chief operations officer, Abu Dhabi Airports, Ahmed Al Shamsi declared: “It is an honour to provide support to pilgrims as they embark upon their journey from Abu Dhabi to Saudi Arabia. Hajj is a highly significant and memorable journey for Muslims from across the UAE, and we hope that the special measures we have undertaken at Abu Dhabi International Airport will ensure the pilgrim’s departure is comfortable and convenient. We wish them a safe and peaceful pilgrimage and look forward to welcoming them back on their return.”