Abu Dhabi Airports strategically joins hands with Beijing Daxing International Airport

Abu Dhabi Airports

Abu Dhabi Airports recently inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with president, Beijing Daxing International Airport (BDIA), Yao Yabo, to establish a framework for the sharing of best practices and the exploration of potential opportunities for future collaboration.

Formalised at the BDIA Management Center in Beijing on October 10, 2019, the signing of the MoU follows the launch of the Beijing Daxing International Airport and is ahead of the opening of the Midfield Terminal at Abu Dhabi International Airport.

Both parties will now work to establish mechanisms for interactive contact and the exchange of knowledge and best practices, while also sharing ideas on developing their respective airports and advancing the wider aviation industry for the benefit of travellers.

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CEO, Abu Dhabi Airports, Bryan Thompson remarked on the partnership: “The signing of this MoU with Beijing Daxing International Airport is a source of pride and delight for those of us at Abu Dhabi Airports. This agreement is the result of the close social and economic ties between the UAE and China, and we look forward to working with our Chinese colleagues to enhance our partnership at all levels.”

He continued: “We are the first airport to sign an agreement with Beijing Daxing International Airport, highlighting Abu Dhabi International Airport’s status as a regional aviation hub and commitment to collaborating with partners from across the globe. The Chinese tourism and business market is important to the economy of Abu Dhabi and the wider UAE. Abu Dhabi is a popular destination for Chinese travellers, and tourist numbers are continuing to increase year on year.

“We have enjoyed an already close relationship with the Chinese airport sector, signing a sister airport MoU with Beijing Capital International Airport in 2017. Through that relationship, we have exchanged best practices and information on the operation and management of airport infrastructure, and we look forward to continuing that partnership over the coming years with Beijing Daxing International Airport,” Thompson concluded.