Abu Dhabi Airports takes aviation experts on Midfield Terminal Building tour

Abu Dhabi Airports

Abu Dhabi Airports recently took a number of civil aviation entities from the region on an exclusive tour of the highly anticipated Midfield Terminal Building (MTB).

The special tour formed part of a networking event organised by the Department of Transport Abu Dhabi, which entailed an Aviation Sector Stakeholders’ Forum that honed in on key challenges in aviation. In attendance were dignitaries and leaders from Morocco, Palestine, Jordan, Bahrain, Yemen, Libya, Lebanon, Egypt, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq and Sudan.

During their two-hour tour of MTB, the dignitaries and leaders were shown the features and facilities of the future airport terminal, with the aim being to grant them a full passenger experience of all travel processes.


CEO, Abu Dhabi Airports, Bryan Thompson said: “We are proud of this magnificent infrastructure that we will start operating soon as the main gateway for Abu Dhabi, and a key transport hub for the region and the world. We are also eager to showcase it to our peers and stakeholders in the aviation community, as this transitioning phase provides priceless opportunities for knowledge sharing and lessons learnt.”

Thompson concluded: “We are building future capacity not only for Abu Dhabi, but for the entire region, which will have a tangible impact on the sustainability of the economic growth and development locally and regionally.”