Abu Dhabi Ports members visit Abu Dhabi Airports

Abu Dhabi Airports

Members from Abu Dhabi Ports recently paid Abu Dhabi Airports a visit, to review best practices and share knowledge and experience in order to enhance their respective operations.

The team from Abu Dhabi Ports met with Abu Dhabi Airports’ Business Continuity and Risk Management team to discuss crisis management facilities, the process of developing strategic business continuity objectives, as well as budget allocation mechanisms.

Adding to this, both entities discussed the procedures related to developing Business Impact Analysis reports, Emergency and Crisis Response Plans, mechanisms for managing critical suppliers and contractors, mutual aid agreements with subsidiary entities and maintaining an Enterprise Risk Register.

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CEO, Abu Dhabi Airports, Bryan Thompson declared: “We appreciate the opportunity to share best practices with our partners and stakeholders, and Abu Dhabi Ports’ visit is in line with our mission of being an efficient organisation that understands its stakeholders and delivers world class airport services.”

“We look forward to meeting with other partners and stakeholders as we strive to continuously improve our operations, services and infrastructure and become the world’s leading airports group,” he added.

Abu Dhabi Airports impressively scored 90 per cent in a recent audit conducted by the Office of Business Continuity of the Executive Council and the National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority (NCEMA). The company has succeeded in implementing effective processes, strategies, policies and procedures, as well as solid governance and efficient performance monitoring systems that have provided the company with a stellar reputation.