Aegean Communication SA inks cooperation deal with EMITT to stimulate tourism

Marking a significant development, East Mediterranean International Tourism and Travel Exhibition (EMITT), organised by ITE Turkey, recently inked a four-year contract with Aegean Communication SA in an effort to heighten the frequency of tourism between Turkey and Greece.

Following this news, Greek tourism stakeholders are due to attend the event in a wider frame in January 2016, and Greece will benefit from a large exhibiting space spanning approximately 500m2. With the signing of the cooperation contract, all related Greek public establishments, such as chambers of tourism, municipalities and town, and private sector establishments, such as hotels and travel agencies, will be represented exclusively at the EMITT tourism exhibition in 2016 and over the next three years.

CEO, AEGEAN Communication SA, Panayiotis Myritzis remarked: “These days our country and economy are going through tough times. We are determined to show that the Greek tourism and economy still has a future by merging with our neighbor Turkey on a solid communication ground.


“I would like to thank the ITE Turkey family for the trust they have shown to us during this period. Finally, with this special contract the Greek tourism sector will make sure that common business goals are reached by increasing the service quality and that the Greek tourism is promoted to Turkey,” he added