AIME 2020’s Associations Round Table deemed success


Australia’s Asia Pacific Incentives and Meetings Event (AIME) has shed light on insights following a successful, industry-first Associations Round Table.

The round table session, sponsored by the Melbourne Convention Bureau (MCB), brought together C-suite executives from more than 30 global organisations during the AIME Knowledge Program, to discuss common challenges and opportunities.

CEO, MCB, Julia Swanson commented: “We were thrilled to partner with Talk2 Media (organiser of AIME) on delivering the inaugural Associations Roundtable at AIME 2020. It was an important platform for Association executives across the globe to come together and discuss issues of relevance and growth in a global environment where change seems to be the only constant.”

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Those attending the Associations Round Table were greeted with a live interactive band and were encouraged to step out of their comfort zone to drive creative thinking.

The session, designed by AIME and co-facilitated by Mykel Dixon, an award-winning speaker, author and musician, and chief editor, Boardroom, Remi Deve, was based on association growth and relevance. It emphasised how a new environment can stimulate fresh ideas and reimagine how business is conducted.

Deve said: “The business climate has changed dramatically over the past 20 years, but many associations and non-profit organisations haven’t. For an association to remain relevant towards its members, it has to be agile and adaptive. As individuals, teams and businesses we are all asked to redefine our relevance, which is exactly what we brought to light in our session.”

Meanwhile, enthusing on the innovative event, Dixon said: “The delegates who attended, I believe, will build real momentum off the back of the round table and creatively lead the association industry deep into the 21st century. It was also a thrill to watch such a diverse group of C-suite leaders drop their guard, kick off their shoes and fully engage in meaningful discussion about the future of their business. I can’t wait to see what they’ll do next.”

The Associations Round Table explored the top 20 marketing trends of 2020 and comprised an MCB panel session addressing the issue of relevance and growth in the context of the UITP Global Public Transport Summit – the sector’s biggest global event which will be coming to Melbourne in 2021.

The Knowledge Program will take place again in 2021, with AIME expected to take place from February 22–24.