Airbus launches I Fly A380 website

Airbus launches I fly A380 website
Airbus launches I fly A380 website

Airbus, the leading aircraft manufacturer has launched, a website allowing travellers to book flights on the popular A380 model of its aircraft.

The manufacturer stated that according to an Epinion survey on passengers arriving on the A380 flights to London Heathrow, the A380 is reportedly the passengers’ favourite aircraft, with 60 per cent of flyers willing to make an extra effort to travel on the aircraft. In this light,, is a unique option for travellers seeking to experience the iconic double deck aircraft.

“As a global leading aviation company we are exploring new digital avenues and illustrates this transformation journey,” said digital transformation officer, Airbus, Marc Fontaine. “Booking systems today do not allow passengers to easily choose their preferred aircraft and we decided to fill that gap by easing the access to the iconic A380 aircraft, for everybody. For the first time, a booking service puts the aircraft type as the criteria for flight selection. This seamless experience is a win for Airbus A380, it’s a win for the airline operators and it’s a win for the passengers.”


The booking assistant will appeal to travellers as it is the only place where all 13 operators of the model can present the on-board services they offer and the destinations they serve. Inspirational information about each city will also help travellers choose their next vacation. The website is simple to use: users select their departure and destination airports/cities, dates and class of travel, the number of travellers and hit ‘search’. They can then click on the desired flight and be taken seamlessly to the website of the selected airline, allowing users to book securely and with confidence at no extra cost.

According to Airbus, to date over 130 million passengers have already enjoyed the experience of flying on board an A380. Today, 230 airports can accommodate the A380 around the world and every three minutes, an A380 either takes off or lands.