Al Tayyar reinforces partnership with Amadeus

Al Tayyar Travel Group

Al Tayyar Travel Group, a leading travel and tourism company based in Saudi Arabia, has inked a new partnership agreement with Amadeus, one of the leading providers of advanced technology solutions for the global travel industry.

The agreement extension, valid until the year 2020, will transform the existing relationship between Al Tayyar and Amadeus to a strategic partnership, expanding their cooperation from the local level to the Middle East and North Africa.

The agreement marks a step forward in ensuring the delivery of quality services to a wider customer base across the region.

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Al Tayyar Group’s decision to update the partnership with Amadeus to the regional level is directly correlated to its intensive projects and investments in the e-commerce, travel and tourism industries as well as worldwide expansions.

“As a major company in the regional travel sector, Al Tayyar has been building on the solid foundation of our existing relationship with global travel solutions providers like Amadeus. Our vision is to find innovative ways to meet the needs of the market and create new avenues for growth,” declared managing director and CEO, Al Tayyar Travel Group, Abdullah bin Nasser Al-Dawood.

“The expansion of our strategic partnership with Amadeus to the regional level will further strengthen our relationship and infuse fresh energy to the corporate travel sector in the region.”

Amadeus is a major innovator in the travel sector, aiming to empower the regional travel industry with next-generation products and services, in order to help overcome rising costs, unpredictable market shifts and changing business models.

Its integrated suite of solutions enables travel agencies to streamline and enhance the corporate travel process, allowing them to leverage the opportunities offered by automation and digitisation, to gain competitive advantages in the market.

In recent years, Amadeus and Al Tayyar Travel Group have worked closely to drive operational efficiency in the Saudi travel industry, providing specially designed services, inspired by the transcendent innovative Amadeus distribution technology.

Throughout the partnership, Amadeus developed specific solutions that met the needs of Al Tayyar’s customers, and assisted it in using technology effectively as a true competitive differentiator, in order to succeed in a rapidly developing market.