All-new experiences at Emirates Park Zoo & Resort

Emirates Park Zoo & Resort

Emirates Park Zoo & Resort has a number of special experiences lined up for visitors for the rest of the year, combining culinary excellence across its three upgraded restaurants, edutaining programmes covering all residents of the zoo and memorable staycations at its resort.

Located just 35km away from Abu Dhabi, Emirates Park Zoo & Resort is home to over 1,400 animals and features star attractions that include the Bird Park, Reptile House, Snake Alley, Giraffe Park, Flamingo Park, Wildlife Walk, Primate Parade, Petting Zoo, Camel Farm, Mammal Cave, Equine Enclosure and the Hippo House.

Families can make lasting memories as they enjoy the sights and sounds of the zoo, along with unique, stimulating experiences such as the Zoo Zip & Climb adventure, Breakfast with the Giraffe, Crocodile Feeding, Big Cat Experience and an exotic wildlife tour through edutaining animal encounters.

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The park also offers high-quality menus, with Qasr Al Turath serving authentic Yemeni cuisine in a relaxed all-day setting, whilst The Hide restaurant presents a fine dining concept in an indoor area with a wide balcony that faces the zoo, with a focus on serving the best seasonal and traditional dishes which draw inspiration from American and International cuisine.

Moving on, Al Dar Restaurant offers a unique experience that is a combination of tasty comfort food, gorgeous forest-themed ambience and warm hospitality, shining a spotlight on delectable Khaleeji and Lebanese flavours.

And to top off the whole experience, visitors can look forward to relaxing and unwinding at the resort’s newly renovated chalets or guestrooms.