Amadeus launch report to profile future travellers

Amadeus has launched the Future Traveller Tribes: Understanding Tomorrow’s Traveller, a major global report identifying the different personalities and segments the industry can expect to emerge and become prominent over the next fifteen years.

The report was commissioned by Amadeus and was authored by Future Foundation, an independent global consumer trends and insight firm, in order to identify what the travel landscape and travellers will look in 15 years’ time. The report is accompanied by a second report, Future Traveller Tribes 2030: Building a More Rewarding Journey, written by Frost & Sullivan which address how travel experts can cater to these profiles.

The report forecasts that by 2030, more than 1.8 billion people will travel internationally every year, with radically different motivations and behaviours. Specifically, the report identified the six distinct travel personalities in the future.

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Social Capital Seekers, will have a blurred boundary between their real and virtual lives, and will structure their holidays almost exclusively with online audiences in mind. They will rely heavily on peer reviews and recommendations to validate their decisions, and will use social media platforms to review their experiences.

Cultural Purists will look at holidaymaking as a chance to immerse oneself in an alien culture, where enjoyment of the break depends on the authenticity of the experience. They will prefer to follow their gut-feeling upon arrival, rather than pre-plan their trip .

Ethical Travellers will make travel plans based on moral grounds, for example decreasing their carbon footprint or improving the lives of others. They will often improvise or add some element of volunteering, community development or eco-sustainability to their holidays.

Simplicity Searchers will prefer bundled offers, seeking to avoid managing too many trip details themselves. Holidays for this tribe represent a rare time in life to pamper oneself with the assurance of their safety and enjoyment.

Obligation Meeters will be driven by a specific purpose for travel, whether business or leisure, and thus have constraints on time and budget; they will seek smart algorithm based technology that is able to remove the hassle of travel.

Reward Hunters are only interested in indulgent travel. Many have come to crave something that represents an extraordinary reward or ‘must have’ premium experience, a return on their hard earned investment of time and energy in their working lives.

Vice president, Middle East and North Africa, Amadeus, Antoine Medawar commented on the report: “The world today is a very complex place and the global travel industry has come very far in terms of innovation, cost and choice for travellers. Yet, as we look forward to 2030, it is clear that this rapid evolution will accelerate. Understanding the values, priorities and resulting needs of the emerging ‘traveller tribes’ is vital for the travel industry to ensure the right investments are made now, and the increasing demand for greater personalisation is met across the entire travel chain.”

Speaking about the report, head of commercial strategy and business management, Amadeus, Ernesto Sanchez Beaumont told TTG exclusively that these tribes showcase different characteristics globally. The report noticed that in the MENA region currently four of these tribes account for 85 per cent of travellers.

“Simplicity Seekers account for 32 per cent, as many travellers are families travelling. Reward Hunters make up 23 per cent of travel in the region, as it is one of the wealthiest areas of the world. Obligation Meeters comprised 18 per cent of travellers as this includes pilgrimages and corporate travellers. Finally, and this was surprising, was that Social Capital Seekers made up 14 per cent of travellers – this is one aspect we expect to grow as the number of travellers aged 20 years will grow.”

“By the year 2030, everyone within this region will fall under these tribes,” he concluded to TTG.