Amwaj Rotana enhances connectivity to streamline guest experience

Ensuring its guests are seamlessly connected, Dubai’s Amwaj Rotana has undergone various updates and upgrades to its technology front.
Phase one of the enhancement project comprised the addition of 100 access points to cover all of its guest rooms, restaurants, recreational areas and lobby. Adding to this, in 2016 an upgrade of all the Internet access points to a newer model will be made.

Amwaj Rotana also recently completed a study of its guests’ internet usage, which highlighted that more than 71 per cent of guests use more than two mobile devices, thus requiring an Internet connection in a double occupied room. To cope with this heightened demand for connectivity, the property has upgraded the guest Internet line to more than double its previous speed.

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Remarking on these developments was director of IT, Amwaj Rotana, Rabih Merhy: “The most prominent change in guest behaviour in recent years has undoubtedly been with regards to technology, and we believed that as a five-star hotel, we need to keep aligned with our guests’ changing expectations and the latest trends.

To be completed early next year, the hotel will be installing larger TV sets and a fully interactive system where guests can easily satiate their needs at the touch of a button.