An exotic Grand Finale planned for ITB Berlin 2016

ITB Berlin
ITB Berlin plans an exotic Grand Finale

Visitors, exhibitors and guests will be treated to an impressive Grand Finale at the 50th edition of ITB Berlin, with musicians, singers and dancers from around the world expected to liven up the event by performing modern and traditional works.

The show is being organised by ITB Berlin in cooperation with the International Delphic Council, a global cultural organisation. Monika Eckert, an award-winning event and television presenter, will moderate the event.

Global stars will be performing live, such as Arndis Halla, an internationally renowned Icelandic singer, who will take the audience on a trip to the sounds of the north, to a mythical world of elves and trolls and on a musical tour of Iceland’s ancient sagas, which she brings to life in her albums.

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From the Maldives, the partner country of ITB Berlin and  where families practice traditional dances in order to maintain and pass on the cultural heritage of their ancestors, performers will provide a glimpse of traditional dances such as Bandiya Jehun, Maafathi Neshun (the ‘garland dance’), and Kurufali Jehun.

Representing Burundi, where drummers are considered to bring peace and hope. The sounds of the mythical holy drummers and the acrobatic dances of the drummers are demonstrations of an original and undiluted African tradition.

In addition, the unmistakeable music and folk dances of Goa will be present. Goa’s music is characterised by the influences of Portuguese sounds and rhythms and cultural traditions living side by side.

Also performing at the show are Naturenoise, a group from Berlin, well-known for their impressive acapella performances of pop, classical music and folk songs.

The ancient Delphic Games will also be represented at ITB this year. The history of the Delphic Games can be traced back to the Panhellenic Games of ancient Greece, of which the Olympic Games were a part. While Olympia stood for sports, Delphi hosted the arts. Every four years artists and audiences from all over Greece came together for six to eight days to celebrate art and culture. Initially banned and then forgotten for 1,600 years, this tradition has been brought back to life by the International Delphic Council. Since 1997 the Delphic Youth Games and Delphic Games have been taking place regularly every four years at different venues around the world. This year, Goa in India will be hosting the fifth Delphic Youth Games from November 4-13, 2016.

The grand finale of ITB Berlin will take place on March 13 in the Palais am Funkturm from 15:30 to 17:00. Admission is included in a ticket to ITB Berlin.