Armani Hotel Dubai launches new websites in Mandarin and Russian

Armani Hotel Dubai

Committed to providing elevated experiences, Armani Hotel Dubai recently launched two brand new websites in Mandarin and Russian.

The freshly launched interactive websites boast a trendy design and offer users immersive online content. They have been designed as a one-stop resource to connect with Chinese and Russian guests wishing to embark on elegant lifestyle adventures and experience the outstanding services offered at Armani Hotel Dubai.

The websites have been specifically designed to cater to the anticipated influx in Chinese and Russian visitors to Dubai – a result of positive regulatory changes allowing nationals of both countries to acquire visas on arrival.

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Armani Hotel Dubai was recently awarded the ‘Chinese Preferred Hotel’ certification by Ctrip, recognising its Chinese-friendly services and facilities. Adding to this, the hotel offers Mandarin and Russian speaking Lifestyle Managers, as well as an impressive choice of cuisine to cater to the tastes of both of these markets.