The Armed Forces Officers Club Hotel acquires certificate for food safety

Recognising outstanding performance towards food safety, the Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority recently awarded an appreciation certificate to The Armed Forces Officers Club Hotel following the 2015 annual food safety assessment.

Deputy director general, The Armed Forces Officers Club & Hotel, Peter Freeman noted: “Receiving this prestigious certification confirms that we operate to the highest standards of food safety as we apply best practice process and procedures with the highest specifications.

“Amongst our business units the catering operations are one of the largest in the UAE in every emirate so our quality standards are our paramount priority which reinforces our reputation.”

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Freeman explained that to ensure high food safety standards, the hotel must apply strict operational procedures and train its staff accordingly.

“Our food management process starts from selecting highly competent suppliers that have the best quality raw ingredients as well as the appropriate HACCP systems as per our audit process. Their systems then seamlessly integrate into our HACCP systems through the production process with highly skilled culinary and food production, delivery and service teams until the finished product is served to our customers,” he concluded.