Bab Al Qasr Hotel hosts Qiyadiyat delegation

Bab Al Qasr

Abu Dhabi’s Bab Al Qasr Hotel recently hosted Qiyadiyat delegates for an afternoon of activities and speeches.

Qiyadiyat is an exclusive leadership and networking group for professional Emirati women, which was founded in 2013 as a positive space for Emirati women to network, connect and develop.

During the dedicated Qiyadiyat event, co-founders, Su-ad Yousif, Bodour Al Tamimi and Laila Al Hassan, introduced the group and its many activities and initiatives.


Yousif commented on the organisation: “The idea of Qiyadiyat was an organic response to a need that we all felt at different points in our careers. We all wanted and needed a positive space where we could discuss our personal and professional challenges, successes and failures with like-minded people.”

Meanwhile, director of protocol, Bab Al Qasr Hotel, Murshed Al Shamsi enthused on the event: “We are more than honoured to show our support for such an innovative group of women who, both together and individually, are instrumental in shaping the future of women in the UAE.”

Qiyadiyat intends on making use of Bab Al Qasr Hotel’s 17 meeting venues throughout the year 2018.