Bawadi Mall anticipates fruitful Holy Month

Bawadi Mall

Throughout the Holy Month of Ramadan, Bawadi Mall in Al Ain is expecting a significant rise in footfall.

Marketing manager, Bawadi Mall, Bassam Saleh explained: “Ramadan is a very important month for us. We generally observe an uptick in our operations and the footfall to the mall is one of the highest during this period.”

Saleh shared that in 2017, the mall recorded 848,000 visitors during Ramadan, and this year, the numbers are expected to double.

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Prior to the start of Ramadan, consumer spending at Bawadi Mall increased and will stay that way until after the Eid celebrations. During the Holy Month, electronics, fashion and cosmetics outlets offer several discounts and deals to further stimulate spending.

“Ramadan is clearly a month of high consumer spend,” noted Saleh. “At Bawadi Mall, our tenants offer visitors steep discounts and incentives which serve as a blessing for the customers as well as the retailers. That’s not all, as a mall we’ve observed that there’s a lot of spending on children’s stores followed by home furnishings.

“Contrary to our belief that Value Added Tax (VAT) will lower the sentiments of our visitors and shoppers, the sales and footfall numbers have only shown an increase in the past few months and we are optimistic that this Ramadan will be better than ever,” he added.

During Ramadan, Bawadi Mall will be extending its opening hours in the evening and will also be hosting daily events and activities to further stimulate footfall.