Centara Hotels & Resorts eliminates all trans fat food at its properties

Centara Hotels & Resorts

Thailand’s Centara Hotels & Resorts has discontinued all use of trans fat in its food and beverage operations, in cooperation with new Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) guidelines.

The company supported the new MOPH policy announced last year and recently completed an audit of its bakery, restaurant and catering operations to assure the elimination of the potentially harmful type of oils that have been common in the food industry worldwide for many years.

Since the implimentation of the trans fat free initiative three months ago, Centara has served approximately 3-4 million meals of trans-fat free food to over 1.5 million guests.

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“We are happy to reassure our guests that pastries at our Zing bakeries, pizza and fries at our COAST beach bistros, and all the other food they enjoy at Centara, are free of trans-fat,” said, corporate director of operations F&B, Centara Hotels & Resorts, Winfried Hancke. “Our chefs and F&B managers have been diligent and resourceful to achieve this goal for the health and wellness of our guests and staff.”

Recent research showed that trans-fat increases the risk of heart disease and strokes by lowering good cholesterol (HDL) and raising bad cholesterol (LDL). Health and nutrition advocates praised the MOPH for its initiative to halt the production, import and distribution of industrially-produced trans fats and food products containing them.

The Ministry announced the new policy in July of last year along with guidelines for compliance within six months.