CEO, Andalus Hotels and Resorts, Caroline Delbecque

Andalus Hotels and Resorts

Caroline Delbecque has been appointed as the CEO of Andalus Hotels and Resorts.

In her position as the company’s CEO, she will strongly focus on ‘El Equilibrio’ (balance), a major pillar in Andalus’ ethos, by creating a harmony between Al Seef Resort & Spa by Andalus employees, owners, stakeholders and guests.

Boasting more than a decade of hospitality industry experience spanning the Middle East, Delbecque will work to achieve a balance everyday between achieving revenue on investments and Andalus’ talents welfare. She will also look for new ways to push the boundaries a little beyond reach, in order to attain higher levels of standards.


“As a company, a singular view of profitability is not feasible. There needs to be a balance between commerce and taking care of people’s needs,” she declared.

“Andalus Hotels and Resorts exists to give a glimpse of the majestic Al-Andalus era, a time of harmony and peace between multi-cultural diversity, and also to give back to this generous and warm community of Abu Dhabi I now call home,” Delbecque continued.