CEO, lebua Hotels & Resorts, Deepak Ohri

Providing luxury seekers with the ultimate high-end experience, CEO, lebua Hotels & Resorts, Deepak Ohri exclusively speaks toTTG about the hotel company’s passion for F&B and Thailand’s position as a global dining destination.
TTG: What news can you share with us?
Sirocco [a popular outlet on the 64th floor of lebua at State Tower, Bangkok, Thailand] celebrated its 10th anniversary this past New Year’s Eve with a phenomenal event, the Bangkok Ball Drop at lebua, which captured the public’s attention around the world and is set to be the new icon for Bangkok’s New Year celebrations.

In addition, Sirocco recently launched the ‘2003 Heritage Collection’ menu to honor the ten-year quest by our chefs for exclusive, unique ingredients and new ways to combine them that has made the restaurant an unrivaled culinary destination in Bangkok.


We are expanding our dining concepts to Europe through a strategic partnership with Steigenberger Hotel Group, starting with the 2015 launch of the restaurant Breeze by lebua at the Steigenberger Frankfurter Hof in Germany.

TTG: What new trends and innovations are shaping tourism in Thailand?
Tourists are increasingly seeking innovative epicurean experiences during their visit to Thailand.
lebua was the first in the country to offer a truly world-class dining experience in terms of atmosphere, service and cuisine. Since then, Bangkok has become a global dining destination.

The expectations of local, expat and international guests continue to rise, and we persistently push ourselves to offer guests distinct dining experiences. For example, at Breeze, we launched the ‘China 2020’ concept.

Based on lebua chefs’ predictions of what Chinese cuisine will look like in six years, the new à la carte menu is a fully interactive dining experience. Guests can mix their own cocktails using unexpected ingredients before cracking open a salt rock served in an elegant wooden box to reveal the feast within, and roll the dice to let fate determine the lucky sauce that will accompany their Omi Beef.