Cleartrip announces best quarterly results yet in Q4 of 2017

Cleartrip Middle East


Mobile and online travel company, Cleartrip Middle East, has reported outstanding quarterly results for Q4 of 2017, which brought forth a 59 per cent year-on-year increase in bookings in the MENA region.

Founder and CEO, Cleartrip, Stuart Crighton commented on the travel company’s major success: “We marked a strong finish to 2017 with the best quarterly performance in Cleartrip Middle East’s history. In markets like the UAE, we were able to outperform the industry, showcasing a multifold expansion. We are particularly delighted to see that our investments toward the adoption of new technologies have started to yield positive results.”

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Cleartrip’s expansion in the UAE was four times greater than the overall air industry growth rate, growing at about 13 per cent in comparison to the same period the previous year.
In Saudi Arabia, Cleartrip recorded a whopping 236 per cent jump in overall growth, due to a number of factors, such as the company’s launch of its Arabic website as well as its continued focus on product innovation.

While India continued to be the strongest route in the UAE and Saudi Arabia, the company’s domestic travel segment in the Kingdom expanded 25-fold in the final quarter. The UAE witnessed a spike in traffic to the Philippines, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, while Saudi Arabia recorded a substantial growth in traffic to Egypt, the UAE, Pakistan, the Philippines and Turkey.

“We are optimistic that 2018 will be another strong growth year, and we will continue to drive innovation and leverage technology to diversify and enhance our offerings,” declared executive vice president and managing director, Cleartrip, Sameer Bagul.

“With our strong presence in the region and our solid financial credentials, we couldn’t be in a better position to further scale our operations and expand our market footprint,” he concluded.