Conrad Makkah Jabal Omar adopts sustainable initiatives

Conrad Makkah

Conscious of the environment, Conrad Makkah Jabal Omar has shed light on its plans to reduce its environmental impact and conserve natural resources with various initiatives.

Through Hilton Worldwide’s corporate responsibility strategy, Travel with Purpose, the luxury hotel will introduce sustainable measures that will reduce energy consumption and waste through recycling.

These measures also fall in line with the Saudi Government’s mission to introduce sustainable, eco-friendly measures across the country.

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General manager, Conrad Makkah Jabal Omar, Ismail Sirry explained in more detail: “Saudi Arabia has been investing in developing new technologies and introducing new practices aimed at preserving the environment, and small actions and initiatives by the private sector can have a big impact in achieving that sustainable goal. Since our launch a few months ago we have succeeded in saving energy through introducing air conditioner motion sensors which switch off automatically whenever there are no guests in the room.”

Sirry explained that the hotel is currently in talks with Jabal Omar Development authority to launch the Garbage Recycle project in 2017 that will provide non-traditional recycling alternatives for the various items the community can recycle.

“From an environmental point of view, there are many challenges which can have an impact on the wellbeing of people and the ecosystem around us. By finding sustainable solutions and operating as efficiently as possible, we can lessen the impact of those challenges,” Sirry concluded.

Travel with Purpose was launched in 2011 by Hilton Worldwide. The initiative has three priorities: creating opportunities for individuals to reach their full potential; strengthening local communities; and managing impacts on the environment through the measurement, analysis and improvement of the use of natural resources.