Cyprus’ Annual Hotel Conference just around the corner

Annual Hotel Conference

The 42nd edition of the Annual Hotel Conference in Cyprus, taking place on February 25 at Hilton Nicosia Hotel, will focus on the favourable outlook for tourism worldwide; the growing uncertainty that characterises it both in relation to Brexit and in the surrounding region; the new prospects being opened up for Cyprus’ tourism industry after the recent announcement of the new National Tourism Strategy; and the increasingly competitive field the country is faced with.

Cyprus’ deputy ministry of tourism, Savvas Perdios, has been named the keynote speaker of the 2020 edition of the event, while other speakers include representatives from TUI Group, Hotelbeds, STR, Cyprus Organisation For Standardisation and Hermes Airports, among others.

The conference, which will be conducted in both English and Greek, will run with a ‘STREAMLINING OUR VISION FOR CYPRUS TOURISM IN THE NEXT DECADE’ theme, and will include six presentations: TUI Europe – Our vision for Cyprus in the next decade; Hermes Airports’ vision for Cyprus; Hotelbeds – Destination report and future prospects; STR Presentation for Hotel Benchmarking; Sustainability through Standards in the Hotel and Tourism Industry; and Changing before we have to.

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The event is set to welcome a large number of delegates, including owners, general managers and managers of hotel properties, CHA members, as well as other tourist professionals of the country’s economic and commercial sector.

Alongside the conference, the Exhibition of Products & Services, also organised by CHA, is taking place for the 28th consecutive year. This will also be inaugurated by the Deputy Minister of Tourism. In the framework of the conference and the exhibition, the Association will issue a ‘Guide of Products & Services’ with products and services that interest hoteliers and all tourism businesses in general.