DCT Abu Dhabi rolls out cultural programme for Al Ain

DCT Abu Dhabi

The Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi (DCT Abu Dhabi) has revealed a lineup of interactive educational and experiential activities for Al Ain’s new season of cultural programmes, running until April 2019.

The new programme will highlight the Emirati culture, history and heritage, whilst providing an enriched experience for residents and visitors alike.

With activities across Al Ain Palace Museum, Al Jahili Fort Al Ain Museum and other locations in the city, the curated programme will also continue activities from 2018.


Al Jahili Fort, one of the UAE’s largest and most iconic forts, will take guests on an educational journey on a Morning Tour. Starting from February 11, the tour will explore the round tower, falaj (irrigation canals), the Al Jahili Fort Mosque, the four towers and the square fort Al Murabba. Visitors can gain further knowledge about recent restoration work with the event concluding with a workshop by the Education Department.

Meanwhile, the Emirates Heritage Club and the Emirates Falconers Club will offer visitors an introduction to the sport of falconry through a recreational Evening Tour, from March 15. Falconry is a vital part of Emirati heritage and was added to UNESCO’s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2016. Visitors can also experience traditional Emirati hospitality in the Majlis (council).

Moving on, promoting national unity and motivation for the Armed Forces and Police Department, the Military Band will perform on February 14 from 10:00-12:00, with the performance accompanied by military formations and marches. Founded in 1962, the Abu Dhabi Police Band was the first of its kind in the emirate. It started with 50 musicians and today has 140, with instruments including trumpets, flutes and clarinets.

Finally, the Herfaty programme, which started in November as part of the fifth Traditional Handicrafts Festival, will run until April 16. Through workshops on the crafts of Al-Sadu, pottery, Talli, ropes and the Burqa, the programme aims to preserve Emirati heritage amongst the younger generation. The workshops will be held at Al Ain Palace Museum, one of the great historic and cultural locations in Abu Dhabi, taking place on January 20 and April 16. The programme is free to attend and is open to all age groups, it includes different types of workshops.

All this and more awaits residents and visitors to Abu Dhabi.