DCT Abu Dhabi rolls out December cultural events programme for Al Ain

DCT Abu Dhabi

The Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi (DCT Abu Dhabi) has unveiled a lineup of cultural events to take place in the Al Ain region this month.

The programme will feature numerous events, such as cinematic screenings and field trips to various historical and cultural sites.

Kicking off the events today (December 14) is the third edition of the Al Qattara Cinema Programme at Al Qattara Arts Centre, with a screening of the short film ‘Mare Nostrum’, directed by Rana Kazkaz and Anas Khalaf and a screening of Theeb, by Naji Abu Nowar.

Travel Forward 20

The Al Qattara Cinema Programme provides a cinematic platform that celebrates UAE and Arab filmmakers, bringing them closer to the audience, giving new options to viewers and activating the role of Al Qattara Arts Centre as a link between the local community and art.

Next up is the ‘Travel Through Our Traditions’ cultural programme, taking place on December 15, which provides participants with an immersive cultural experience that will introduce them to the daily agricultural practices and traditions in the Al Ain region.

Participants will be treated to a tour, starting from Qasr Al Muwaiji, to one of the nearby farms, in order to learn about the customs practiced at farms, including agronomy, harvesting and crop trading.

The tour aims to highlight the authentic Emirati farming traditions practiced in the Al Ain region. Managed by the people of Al Ain, these farms are not limited to agriculture and animal farming, but also include leisure facilities.

Meanwhile, this year’s edition of the ‘My Old House’ tour will take attendees on a heritage trip around the old houses, forts and mosques in Al Hili Oasis, Al Ain, on December 18, with the aim of engaging the local community in cultural activities and introducing them to intricate details about traditional architecture, through tours guided by the Department’s archaeologists.

Finally, weekend activities will return to Al Ain Oasis on December 21 and 22, where visitors can enjoy traditional crafts, performance arts, and nightly rides on horseback, bicycle and electric cars through the Oasis.

The event will also include a number of art workshops for children, screenings of TV shows and cartoons, displays of traditional handicrafts and traditional farming methods by farmers, as well as Al Ayyala performances and cooking shows by a group of mothers. A number of retail kiosks and food trucks will be scattered across the Oasis area.