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A pioneer in the medical and wellness arena, Switzerland’s tourism industry has a lot to offer visitors travelling for these reasons. Tatiana Tsierkezou uncovers the highlights of its already flawless portfolio.

One of Europe’s most prized destinations, Switzerland is known for being a master of hospitality, standing out among other regional and international industry players with its inimitable expertise in medical and wellness treatments.

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Reflecting on Switzerland, one envisions snow-capped mountains, green pastures and friendly faces, all complemented by only the clearest air and incomparable freshness – the perfect setting for a recuperating medical traveller or wellness visitor. What else could possibly be asked for?

“When it comes to health, wellbeing and quality of life, only the best is good enough in Switzerland. The country is famous for first-class treatments, combined with outstanding and authentic hospitality. With its pristine location in the heart of Europe and its natural beauty, it offers the best setting for a successful healing or a sustainable rehabilitation,” explained hotel manager, Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, Thomas Bechtold.

He continued by outlining to TTG that Switzerland has a long history of health treatments, dating back to the very first thermal baths.

Also speaking to TTG was director business and development, InterContinental Geneva, Jacky Tresch who elucidated: “Switzerland should be a tourist’s destination of choice when looking for medical and wellness treatments because of its first-class healthcare system, its world renowned medical specialists, its excellent nursing staff and its traditional Swiss values: precision, reliability, punctuality, kindness, cleanliness and discretion.”


With the confidence expressed by the movers and shakers of the industry, TTG sought to discover what there is to offer within this stunning destination for those looking for medical and wellness mastery.

Tresch explained that InterContinental Geneva makes for the ideal choice for medical and wellness tourists wishing to indulge in absolute luxury during their experience in Switzerland.

“Well situated for these travellers, InterContinental Geneva is near to the following hospitals and clinics: Hôpital de la Tour; Clinique la Colline; Clinique de la Métairie ; Clinique Genolier ; and Clinique Générale Beaulieu.”

And speaking on a more general note about the medical and wellness segment market manager – overseas countries, Geneva Tourism & Conventions Foundation, Tamara Tawil told TTG that Geneva boasts 10 private clinics which are capable of offering highly personalised service.

“Many of these clinics have an international speaking guest relations department and offer state-of-the-art medical infrastructure and equipment.”

Tawil went on to discuss wellness: “In terms of wellness centres, most five-star hotels offer exclusive services in their spas, with certified osteopaths on location.

“Geneva also has highly acclaimed independent wellness centres such as Raphael, Aveda and the newly opened Bain Bleu. Some hotels such as La Reserve have physicians on the premises in their wellness centre to provide a comprehensive wellness experience to their guests. They also offer wellness packages.”

She went on to share that many of Geneva’s hotels offer post-treatment or post-surgery care, liaise directly with the doctors or clinics in question to provide the [appropriate] medical support and are flexible in providing special menus should the patient require something specific as part of their aftercare.

Moving on to Engadin St. Moritz, an alpine resort town, TTG had the opportunity to speak to CEO, Tourism Organisation Engadin St. Moritz, Ariane Ehrat, who shed light on the destination’s deep-rooted bathing culture, with its mineral springs.

“With the St. Moritz MTZ therapeutic centre, a medical, therapeutic bath exists to this day, offering comprehensive therapies.”

Ehrat further remarked that guests to the destination can make the most of eight five-star properties, each of which boast up-to-date wellness and spa facilities and a medical collaboration with the Clinic Gut.

With wellness in mind, W Verbier, located in south-western Switzerland in the canton of Valais, offers everything to satisfy the demands of a wellness aficionado.

Speaking exclusively to TTG was general manager, W Verbier, Pierre-Henri Bovsovers who noted: “For guests looking to recharge and re-balance, W Verbier offers a wide array of offerings. Guests can recharge in our 800m2 AWAY spa; they can take a dip in the indoor/outdoor WET pool and escape to the hammam, sauna and Jacuzzi; and can stay in shape while they’re away 24/7 in the state-ofthe- art FIT gym. Personal trainers are also available upon request.”

Also flying the medical and wellness flag high is Grand Resort Bad Ragaz. Bechtold commented to TTG: “With a surface of 12,800m2, the resort offers one of the largest thermal water spas of Europe, sourced by the resort’s own hot thermal spring, which was discovered by hunters hundreds of years ago. Complementing this is the renowned onsite Medical Health Center. More than 30 doctors and 70 therapists are specialised in fields like weight loss, nutrition, diabetes, check-ups, personal training, dental health, plastic surgery, dermatology, orthopaedic rehabilitation or gynaecology, to name just a few.”

The Medical Health Center is home to a fully-equipped blood laboratory as well as in-house x-ray, MRI or mammography facilities.

According to Bechtold, Grand Resort Bad Ragaz will be opening a high-standard laser centre for non-invasive medical skin care this spring, while the property’s training area has been fully refurbished and now offers the newest state-of-the-art training equipment.

With its tourism prowess, Switzerland continues to fly its hospitality flag with pride, ensuring that those who enter the country, whether travelling for business, leisure, medical, wellness or any other reason, are granted an experience like no other.