Dubai debut: One&Only portfolio welcomes One&Only Urban Resorts

One&Only Urban Resorts


Kerzner International has announced that its world-respected One&Only portfolio will now comprise of a new concept: One&Only Urban Resorts.

The architectural designs of each resort under the new brand will reflect the spirit of the destination in which it is located, while each property will grant guests seamless access to the city. Business or leisure travellers yearning for bespoke, exclusive exploration and sophisticated experiences need look no further, as One&Only Urban Resorts presents them with an energetic new brand, with entertainment at the core of its ethos.

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One&Only Urban Resorts will retain the glamour and style of One&Only’s coveted beach resorts, offering charming, intuitive design, taste bud tantalising culinary experiences, a strong health and fitness ethos, and high-quality services.

All urban resorts will offer beautifully designed green spaces to provide serene sanctuaries to guests in bustling cities. Every One&Only Gym will have a spectacular view of the city, and One Cycle and One Yoga will ensure guests get the rejuvenation and workout they desire. All resorts will additionally be home to sophisticated One&Only spas, open around the clock.

The ideal option for those seeking personalised luxury experiences, One&Only Urban Resorts’ suites can be customised to suit guest preferences, and specially designed suites for children will also be an option for visitors with children.

The very first One&Only Urban Resorts project, entitled One&Only One Za’abeel, will be located in Dubai, within the two-towered One Za’abeel – a mixed-use development by Ithra Dubai, which is scheduled to inaugurate in 2020. As well as One&Only One Za’abeel, the high-rise project will comprise luxury residences, serviced apartments and office spaces, in addition to The Gallery, a retail podium, and a panoramic sky concourse, The Linx, which connects the two towers.

CEO and director, Ithra Dubai, Issam Galadari commented: “One Za’abeel will continue to develop Dubai in the global arena.  Much more than a building, we are shaping communities to thrive and prosper. We are ultimately transforming the legacies of our past into landmarks of the future. As the global benchmark of ultra-luxury, it makes sense for One&Only to operate the resort experience at One Za’abeel.”

Meanwhile, chairman, Kerzner International, HE Mohammed I. Al Shaibani, who is also the executive director and CEO of Investment Corporation of Dubai, shed some more light on the project: “There is a duality to One Za’abeel, reflected in its two towers, that evokes pairings. Timeless elegance with function, efficiency with leisure, tradition with modernity, inclusion and privacy.

“The paired concepts come together where The Linx traverses the towers offering all those who get in touch with One Za’abeel one complete, bespoke and very individual experience every time. That is why, it is very fitting,” Al Shaibani concluded.