Dubai ranks first in Arab region on latest Global Medical Tourism Index

Global Medical Tourism Index

According to the recently released Global Medical Tourism Index by the International Healthcare Research Center (IHRC), Dubai has maintained its top position as the leading Arab destination for medical travellers for the second year in a row.

Worldwide, the emirate, one of the globe’s most preferred tourist hubs, ranked sixth on the list of 46 unique destinations, reflecting its ongoing competitiveness in providing advanced healthcare services to foreign health travellers and success in building advanced medical infrastructures and facilities.

Dubai has retained its number one rank in the region after scoring high across the index’s three main criteria: It was ranked fifth in quality and services facilities benchmark; seventh in the environmental destination; and 13th in terms of its medical tourism industry.


This latest achievement is the result of intensified efforts by the Dubai Government, represented by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA), to strengthen its medical tourism sector as one of the key pillars of its economic diversification and development policies.

CEO, Health Regulation Sector, Dubai Health Authority, Dr. Marwan Al Mulla spoke on the achievement: “This recognition is the result of our response to the directives of our wise leadership to enhance the regulatory framework within our medical system and build a world-class healthcare infrastructure and capabilities that meet the needs of healthier and happier communities in the country.

“Dubai positions itself as a destination where medical and wellness tourists from all over the world can avail of safe, reliable, and innovative services that will help improve their health and, consequently, the quality of their life. We have placed all the necessary precautionary measures recommended by local and global health authorities to ensure the safety of our local and international patients,” he concluded.

Substantial investments have been earmarked to build modern hospitals with state-of-the-art facilities in Dubai and attract international doctors across various disciplines. During the first half of 2020, DHA issued 3,397 licenses to health facilities in Dubai, while 45 new health facilities, a hospital, and 10 general and specialised medical clinics were inaugurated during the period. Moreover, Dubai has 20 licensed centres specialising in traditional, complementary, and alternative medicine (TCAM). These centres currently offer eight TCAM services and employ 234 professionals. At least 20 dedicated medical centers being managed by licensed health professionals are operating in the emirate as well.