Dubai Safari demonstrates support for People of Determination

Dubai Safari


Honouring the National Strategy for Empowering People with Disabilities, as announced in April 2017 by Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Dubai Safari is calling on People of Determination to immerse themselves in a unique experience at its wildlife park.

Designed to be accessible to all visitors, Dubai Safari takes forward the humanitarian vision of making Dubai an inclusive and friendly city for its citizens, residents and visitors, as envisioned in the National Strategy, which aims to empower People of Determination by prioritising their needs while planning the infrastructure of the city.


Its architecture, amenities and service centres fully comply with international standards, guaranteeing a seamless experience, with emphasis on the requirements for People of Determination.

In addition to reserved parking, People of Determination are invited to visit the park free of charge, along with two of their companions, with highly trained zookeepers and park officials making every effort to ensure that they have an enjoyable time.

For a truly comfortable experience, Dubai Safari offers complimentary wheelchair services for people with mobility needs, while the automatic doors and convenient passages facilitate safe entry and exit, into and within the park. Adding to this, non-slippery wheelchair ramps have a low slope and are fixed with armrests on both sides, and service counters throughout the park have a seamless design and offer easy access.

Special attention has also been given to the design of the integrated restrooms and toilets for People of Determination. Each toilet is equipped with a communication system to be used in cases of emergency or to call for assistance.