DWC witnesses 26.1 per cent increase in passenger traffic

Dubai World Central

Dubai World Central (DWC) witnessed a surge of 26.1 per cent in passenger traffic in Q3, driven by an increase in flights and seat capacity.

The aviation hub welcomed 119,000 travellers during the period, bringing the total number of customers welcomed this year to 637,176.

The top regions contributing to customer numbers at DWC include Western Europe (40,349 passengers) and Eastern Europe (38,740 passengers). The top destination cities during the third quarter were Beirut (20,566 passengers), Amman (16,216 passengers) and Katowice (10,247 passengers).

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The outlook for passenger traffic at DWC in Q4 remains hopeful, thanks to the seasonal rush of tourists typically seen during the winter months, as well as the launch of new services from scheduled and charter carriers. Also contributing to the positive outlook is the recent launch of daily scheduled flights to Moscow by Aeroflot, while Pegas Fly (Ikar Airlines) commenced charter services from multiple destinations in Russia.

Following this, the number of international passenger airlines serving DWC increased to 10. The airlines operate an average of 21 weekly flights to six international destinations.