Elaf Group: Clear vision for KSA’s travel and tourism industry

Pointing out the fundamental importance of local travel and tourism organisations in Saudi Arabia, president, Elaf Group of Companies, Ziyad Bin Mahfouz highlighted that such organisations are vital for the development of KSA’s travel and tourism industry and can largely contribute to many of the planned programmes and initiatives aimed at boosting this sector.

He declared: “The creation of these organisations complements the Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities’ (SCTA) move to implement newer regulations and legislation aimed at enhancing tourism. The commission has expressed confidence in working closely with these groups in the move to strengthen ties with the community and its members.”

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Bin Mahfouz added that the formation of these organisations comes in conjunction with the move to support national tourism, and is thus paving the way for developing performance, discipline, human resources and Saudisation. Adding to this, he noted that these organisations stimulate links and partnerships between the government and tourism stakeholders.

With a clear vision for success, Elaf Group is also working towards implementing the directives of the SCTA and concerned bodies in order to stimulate more growth for the travel and tourism sector, specifically in key segments such as travel, tourism and hospitality, particularly for the Hajj and Umrah tourism sector.

Bin Mahfouz explained that the Elaf Group has affirmed its commitment in working to promote Shari’ah, Arab and Saudi customs and traditions as part of the move to highlight the country’s rich culture and heritage.

“Under the Cabinet’s decision, these associations will assume a number of tasks, among them is the move to contribute in the efforts of creating relevant conditions for developing and promoting more tourism based services. We commend these groups for their commitment and affirm our promise of working closely with them in reinforcing the Kingdom’s position as a premiere tourism destination,” he concluded.