Elaf Group reveals summer specials for families

Elaf Group

With the summer season now here, Elaf Group has shed light on new and tempting packages for outbound family travellers searching for summer holidays in Turkey and Egypt, select countries in the Far East and South Asia, as well as theme parks in Europe and US.

The summer packages additionally comprise of cruising trips along the waters of Italy, Cyprus, Turkey, France and Croatia, and are inclusive of accommodation, taxes and meals.

Moreover, the Group has announced a healthy lifestyle travel package which comprises a weight loss programme in Czech Republic, with examination and analysis by health and nutrition specialists during a 14-night, four-star hotel stay, packaged with five special meals and menu recommended by dieticians.

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CEO, Elaf Group, Ziyad Bin Mahfouz commenting on the summer specials: “This summer offering aims to cater to a growing number of families who want a relaxing break but are also keen to spend time to improve on their health and well being or earn proficiency in the English language. We always seek ways to add value to our product offerings, while making sure it remains an attractive and affordable option for our clients.”

Finally, those wishing to boost their education can make the most of English language learning programmes or financial and medical courses offered in key destinations including the UK, the US and South Africa. Students will earn a certificate accredited by education authorities in the country of choice. The education package includes registration fees, accommodation and meals.