Emaar Hospitality Group partners with Accenture Strategy for digital transformation

Emaar Hospitality Group

Eager to revolutionise the customer experience, Emaar Hospitality Group is undergoing a digital transformation spanning all its assets, in partnership with Accenture Strategy.

The hospitality specialist has shed light on three new projects for digitalisation. The first project will work on removing the inflexibility of transactions and introducing seamless services, allowing guests to check-in or check-out anytime, anywhere, thus, simplifying digital processes and ensuring greater efficiency. Transactions will be conducted via integrated mobile systems with easy-to-use self-service options. A decluttered lobby will ensure that more social space is offered, while lobby ambassadors will be available to offer more personalised services.

The second project entails the transformation of hotel rooms into ‘intelligent rooms’, which can be adjusted in accordance to the preferences of guests through machine learning and Artificial Intelligence. Utilising the Internet of Things, there will be connected devices for room control, motion sensors and integrated TV and voice control for an enhanced guest experience. Big data analytics and Artificial Intelligence will be used to predict services and activities that are of interest to the guests.

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Finally, the third initiative draws on digital collaterals to free up space in guest rooms and public spaces. Through digital storage and connected processes, operational spaces will be decluttered, and turned into social spaces for better guest interaction and activities.

CEO, Emaar Hospitality Group, Olivier Harnisch declared: “Over the past year, we have introduced a series of digital innovations focused on enhancing the guest experience. We are now taking the digital experience at our properties to the next level with a comprehensive roadmap that covers all touch points of the customer journey and sets new standards in the industry.

“The three new projects will position us a leading digital player in the hospitality sector, underpinned by our commitment to maximising the guest experience by drawing on the power of data to do our work better and more efficiently,” he added.

All of Emaar Hospitality Group’s brands (Address Hotels + Resorts, Vida Hotels and Resorts and Rove Hotels) as well as Emaar Leisure Group’s assets and Lifestyle Dining outlets will benefit from the digital transformation.

Managing director and products lead, Accenture Strategy – Middle East, Alexis Lecanuet commented: “We are proud to support Emaar on their journey to providing memorable guest experiences. The digital revolution has transformed the hospitality industry as we know it. To keep up with the demands of an increasingly tech savvy clientele, hoteliers have had to think of innovative ways to reinvent the entire guest experience – even from the time before they book through to after check out.”

Other tech-related projects in the pipeline for Emaar Hospitality Group include robot staff, autonomous cars, longevity spas that use genetic technology, 3D printing and digital concierge.