Emirates Airline launches $15 million promotional campaign

Emirates Airline


Emirates Airline has unveiled its brand-new, $15 million campaign, which aims to inspire travel and promote Dubai and the airline’s vast network of global destinations.

Set to the iconic soundtrack ‘Don’t stop me now’ by Queen, the ad utilises clever camera work that transitions between key destinations and the airline’s onboard features. The ad culminates in Dubai, with a soundbite on how Emirates Airline connects the world via Dubai.

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Divisional senior vice president for corporate communications, marketing and brand, Emirates Airline, Boutros Boutros stated: “Emirates Airline and Dubai have always been inextricably linked. Each day, Emirates Airline operates more than 500 flights that connect Dubai to the world, and the world through Dubai. Since day one, Emirates Airline has proudly and actively promoted our hub. Dubai offers a great experience at our world-class airport and the city has become a top global destination because it continually invests to bring new attractions and support infrastructure for international visitors.

“At Emirates Airline we believe that people, regardless of their backgrounds, have a strong desire to travel and experience the world for themselves. They want to be inspired, to discover, and to have fun. That is why we chose to use the Queen soundtrack, and a creative approach that was uplifting and energetic, to remind people of the excitement of travel,” he added.

Shot by the award-winning director, Vaughan Arnell, the campaign will now run in key markets worldwide.