Emirates Airline unveils key features of its cutting-edge Expo 2020 Pavilion

Emirates Airline


With just under one year to go until Expo 2020 Dubai, Emirates Airline is giving the crowd a sneak peek inside its futuristic, interactive technologies and experiences to be featured at its Expo 2020 pavilion.

The airline has been working with academics and its industry partners in aviation and aerospace to create and carefully curate informative and thought-provoking experiences on the future of aviation for all Expo 2020 Dubai visitors.


Emirates Airline commenced the construction of its pavilion earlier this year and is currently finalising the building’s steel structure.

Speaking on the state-of-the-art exhibit was chairman and chief executive, Emirates Airline & Group, HH Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum: “The Emirates Expo 2020 Pavilion offers a preview for the future of commercial aviation in 2071, exploring the outer boundaries of science and technology as we look forward to the next 50 years of air travel. The concepts we’re showcasing aim to inspire and inform visitors of the many revolutionary and sustainability-driven breakthroughs that the commercial aviation industry has achieved and continues to develop.”

He further noted: “The interactive experiences will allow visitors to experiment with advanced airframes, propulsion systems, futuristic fuselages, and ultramodern composite materials. Much like Expo 2020 Dubai itself, Emirates Pavilion visitors will leave with a sense that the spirit of creativity, innovation and technological progress will help us leap into a better future.”

Experiences in store for visitors to the Emirates Pavilion will see each visitor collect a ‘seed’, a tactile sphere to unlock all of the experiences at the Emirates Pavilion. As they move through the site, visitors will interact with various installations covering different aspects of future aviation. These interactions will be captured on the ‘seed’ and stored for playback in the final experience to ensure that each visitor experience is unique.

Meanwhile, animations using holographic models of futuristic aircraft will bring to life aeronautical science and explain how aircraft achieve flight by visualising the physical properties of lift, thrust, gravity and drag. Visitors will be able to interact with the scientific narrative to demonstrate how the combination of low air pressure and wing shape creates lift, which when fused with the other elements enables flight.

Moving on, introducing more renewable and sustainable solutions into aviation is a significant industry priority to ensure cleaner and quieter skies. The Cleaner Skies installation at the Emirates Pavilion is an immersive experience that highlights key sustainability issues in the context of passenger growth and technological advancements, as well as promising innovations. Visitors will be invited to take a quiz to learn more about future technologies in aviation that are being developed to tackle climate change.

Finally, visitors will step into the laboratory of the future to test technologies and loop through a series of experiments carried out by robotic arms. They will get to deep dive into experiments with composite materials, 4D printing, biomimetics, generative design and self-healing materials.

All this and more awaits guests at the airline’s Pavilion during the gargantuan event, which is set to take place from October 20, 2020, to April 10, 2021.