Emirates Park Zoo & Resort ‘Breakfast with the Giraffes’ experience deemed success

Emirates Park Zoo & Resort

Abu Dhabi’s Emirates Park Zoo & Resort has witnessed unprecedented success following the launch of its unique ‘Breakfast with the Giraffes’ experience.

Marketing manager, Emirates Park Zoo, Naima Mahmoudi enthused: “We wanted to give our guests the utmost nature experience and thrilling bespoke activities to make their visit at the park a momentous one, [making them] want to come back for more.”

Mahmoudi continued: “The unique experience of an animal’s touch and smell, getting the opportunity to look them directly in the eye, moves guests to care more deeply about protecting these animals and their habitats, which is our first and foremost goal, to raise awareness on these beautiful creatures.”

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Visitors to Emirates Park Zoo can dine with the tropical birds of the resort and indulge in a hearty breakfast with parrots – a once-in-a-lifetime experience ideal for large groups, couples and families. Guests can additionally feed crocodiles or opt for a heart-pounding encounter of feasting with big cats.

Mahmoudi concluded: “Most animal lovers out there have been dreaming about visiting Kenya to get a close-up experience with the wildlife. Here at Emirates Park Zoo, we have carefully curated several encounters for our visitors to relish in a one-of-a-kind adventure leaving them inspired. When guests witness first-hand discoveries about animal behavior, they build their knowledge in a way that goes beyond what they could read in a book or watch on TV.”