Etihad Airways adopts initiatives for convenient check-ins

Etihad Airways

In light of a busy holiday season, Etihad Airways has adopted a number of measures to provide convenient and fast check-in for the 80,000 scheduled to travel from and through Abu Dhabi International Airport between December 16-18.

Economy class passengers can check-in up to 24 hours prior to departure at the Flex Check-in counters, available 24 hours and located within the main check-in halls of terminal’s 1 and 3 at Abu Dhabi International Airport. Those making use of this facility at least eight hours prior to departure will receive an additional five kilograms of checked baggage, free of charge.

An additional check-in area will be located at the downtown City Terminal in Abu Dhabi.

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Meanwhile, passengers residing in Dubai can take advantage of the check-in facility at Etihad Travel Mall, 24 hours to four hours before the flight. The Etihad Luxury Coach Service is coordinated with each arriving and departing flight.

Online and mobile check-in will also be available to passengers from 39 hours to two hours prior to departure, while Etihad Airways’ newly launched application for iPhones and Androids also allows travellers to check-in whilst on the move.

Finally, Etihad Airways customers are granted access to Abu Dhabi International Airport’s Smart Travel system on departure and arrival, which can significantly speed up journeys. In order to use this system, travellers must pre-register at one of the Smart Travel E-Registration desks located in Terminal 1 and 3 check-in halls.