Etihad Airways now utilising electronic technical logs on freighter fleet

Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways is the first carrier in the UAE to implement electronic technical logs (eTech logs) for airline operations.

The carrier recently received approval from the General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) for implementation on its freighter fleet, thus accelerating its journey towards paperless airline operations, which is a key initiative for Etihad Airways and the GCAA.

The implementation on Etihad Airways’ Boeing 777 freighter fleet follows three months of trials in partnership with the GCAA, where eTech logs replaced paper logbooks currently used by flight crew and engineers to document all flight and maintenance information.

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Although modern aircraft are technologically advanced, most airlines continue to use paper-based logbooks. By replacing paper documentation, eTech logs provide real-time data capture that can be shared with multiple stakeholders, from the air to the ground and, in turn, increasing operational efficiency, reducing delays and costs.

The eTech logs are another example of Etihad Airways’ investment in innovation to continue enhancing safety outcomes, as they reduce complexity and workload, and improve how the airline manages compliance requirements.

On the development, senior vice president technical, Etihad Airways, Paul Kear commented: “Etihad Airways is proud to have partnered with the GCAA to be the first airline in the UAE to use electronic technical logs in our fleet. This initiative supports Etihad Airways’ innovation and sustainability goals, which are core values for the airline, Abu Dhabi, and the UAE. The digitalisation of our technical logs will go a long way towards enhancing the operational efficiency and airworthiness of our fleet and this is a monumental step forward for aviation in the UAE.”

Following implementation on the freighter fleet, Etihad Airways plans to implement eTech logs on the backbone of its fleet – the Boeing 787 Dreamliners – and the rest of its passenger fleet by 2021.

The eTech logs will contribute to Etihad’s sustainability programme, aimed at reducing the carbon footprint and impact of aviation on the environment through driving sustainable practices across its operations. By replacing paper documentation with electronic logs across the carrier’s freighter fleet, an estimated 166 trees will be saved and approximately six metric tonnes of CO2 emissions will be reduced per annum.