Fascinating Sabre Labs’ 2017 Radar Report released by Sabre Corporation

Sabre Labs’ 2017 Radar Report

Sabre Corporation has released the Sabre Labs’ 2017 Radar Report, which evaluates nine key technologies that are impacting the travel landscape.

Devoted to exploring how new capabilities will impact travel over the next decade, Sabre Labs is Sabre Corporation’s travel and technology innovation team.

Vice president of emerging products and technologies, Sabre Corporation, Mark McSpadden remarked: “We are in the midst of increasingly rapid and dramatic technological change, poised to revolutionise how and where we travel. Technologies like artificial intelligence, neural interfaces and quantum computing each have the potential to produce change as dramatic as the growth of the Internet.”

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Among many other things, the report investigates Blockchain, which is being hailed as the new ‘Internet of Trust’. Blockchain is awash in innovators looking to transform industries, governments, commerce and culture. The report looks at short- and long-term effects that are most likely to change the travel landscape.

Meanwhile, Neural interfaces are also covered in the report. When it comes to the mind, there are two very different chal­lenges: extracting information out and transferring new information. Neural interfaces attempt to address one or both challenges, and can do so in either an invasive or non-inva­sive way.

Space Tourism is also included with the Sabre Labs’ 2017 Radar Report. Mars is the final frontier of human travel for our lifetimes, but closer to home, commercial and government competition is heating up as a 21st century ‘space race’. It’s not just promising orbiting hotels, but trickle-down technologies that will bring all corners of the earth closer together.

McSpadden declared: “The next generation will see a radical transformation of how we live, work and play. We see tremendous opportunities for businesses to start experimenting with and implementing technologies like blockchain, augmented reality and trusted presence to help shape a more seamless, safe and personalised future for travel.”

The full 2017 Radar Report is freely available for download here.