Five-star heritage hotel to grace Riyadh

Nuzul Saudi Heritage Hospitality Company

Nuzul Saudi Heritage Hospitality Company has appointed D’Appolonia, an independent engineering consulting company of RINA Group, as lead consultant for the design of a brand new, five-star heritage hotel in the historical Samhan District of Ad’Diriyah, Riyadh.

The new hotel forms part of Saudi Commission for Tourism & National Heritage’s (SCTNH) many initiatives to preserve national heritage through utilising historical sites and buildings across the country as heritage hotels.

Currently under construction, the project aims to reflect the historical look and feel of approximately 40 historic mud buildings in the Samhan District with a modern five-star hotel twist. It represents the very first hospitality related renovation project in the country.

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Following its appointment, D’Appolonia will provide engineering services up to detailed design development, and support Nuzul Saudi Heritage Hospitality Company with technical supervision and recommendations for construction according to the BREEAM International 2013 scheme and D’Appolonia’s Quality Management System. As the project area is within the UNESCO buffer zone, all techniques used to restore buildings must comply with UNESCO protocols.

Project manager, D’Appolonia, Andrea Tomarchio enthused on the news: “We are pleased to be able to preserve the integrity and heritage of these historic buildings. Ensuring that the design is environmentally friendly and energy efficient has been a key consideration in making the site available for modern use in a sustainable way, that will mean it lasts for years to come.”

Also commenting was infrastructure and transport business development manager, D’Appolonia Alessandro Odasso: “Our long-standing expertise in heritage requalification engineering lent itself perfectly to this project. We have carried out many similar design and supervision projects in historic sites of Italy and in the hospitality industry, providing us with extensive experience for this design project.”

The hotel will comprise of a souk where traditional goods will be sold, as well as a museum area.