Founder and managing director, Aleph Hospitality, Bani Haddad on COVID-19

Aleph Hospitality

Founder and managing director, Aleph Hospitality, Bani Haddad exclusively underlines the many initiatives the hotel group is taking to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, while also sending out a positive message to his industry peers.

TTG: How has COVID-19 affected Aleph Hospitality’s operations?
As a management company, all our operating hotels were affected by the gradual drop in activity since the start of the pandemic, obliging some of our properties to temporary close.

Since the early signs, we started developing contingency plans to assist both our owners and colleagues in these difficult times. We took measures to protect the business by carefully reviewing all expenses, talking to our partners and suppliers, and discussing how we can assist each other. We have asked our employees to reduce their number of working days while we ensure a minimum wage to ensure they do not lose their jobs.

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TTG: What measures are you taking to ensure your visitors are safe and comfortable?
A handout is given to our guests explaining the virus spread situation and particularly the way to avoid spreading it, as per recommendations from WHO. We are distributing hand sanitisers to every guest checking in.

Our team has also been trained on all regulations with regards to personal hygiene and safety.

TTG: What message would you like to send to those staying with you over the next few weeks?
Our immediate concern is the safety and wellbeing of our guests, and whilst our business and profits are important for us and our investors, we would recommend they stay home with their families unless their travel is essential.

In the meantime, we remain extremely careful and vigilant to do our best to ensure their safety should they wish to stay with us.

TTG: Please send a short, positive message to the rest of the travel and tourism industry!
This too shall pass! And let’s prepare for the upturn in both the global economy and hospitality industry when these difficult times are behind us.