HalalTrip launches Muslim-friendly tour packages to over 65 destinations

Online travel platform dedicated to the catering to the needs of the Muslim traveller, HalalTrip has shed light on the industry’s most comprehensive tour packages to over 65 global destinations. 

These bespoke tour packages comprise of various excursions and activities to cities within Europe, North America, the Middle East, Africa and South East Asia. They are made available on HalalTrip’s website and its mobile app.

Consumers may select a tour package to suit their needs from options such as type of holiday, which region of the world and duration. Adding to this, every package is rated according to how Muslim-friendly it is by HalalTrip’s sister firm, CrescentRating – a leading authority on Halal travel.

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CEO, HalalTrip, Fazal Bahardeen noted: “It is widely recognised that the Muslim travel market is becoming increasingly important and lucrative to the travel sector and the launch of these exclusive worldwide tour packages is a reflection on this.
“The Muslim consumers are looking to explore new destinations and experience different cultures across the world which is why we have launched these tailored packages that cater for every occasion together with satisfying needs such as Halal food and prayer facilities.
“Whether it is experiencing Great White Sharks in South Africa, taking in some culture and history in Spain, honeymooning in Maldives or shopping in Dubai, we have something for every need,” Bahardeen added.

The tour packages, rated from Bronze to Gold in terms of criteria that include the availability of halal food and prayer facilities, include tours to Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, Cape Town, Maldives and London as well as Tbilisi, Dubrovnik and Kunming.

In the coming months, HalalTrip has plans to add to this list of destinations.