Hawana Salalah: Spotlight on small local enterprises with Hawana Fiesta launch

Hawana Salalah

Hawana Salalah, Oman’s largest Integrated Tourism Complex under Muriya, has introduced its new Hawana Fiesta weekly event, promoting Dhofari Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to its large influx of European tourists from countries including Germany, Italy, the Czech Republic and France.

The lively event welcomes over 2,000 tourists who arrive to Hawana Salalah’s 1,100 hotel rooms each week. It showcases the products and services of local small and medium enterprises and entrepreneurs, Oman’s rich cultural heritage, as well as an array of lively entertainment.

The weekly Hawana Fiesta has been organised in line with Muriya’s CSR programme, providing a platform that nurtures Omani entrepreneurs. The merchandise on offer includes handcrafted items, delicious homemade delicacies, local frankincense and handmade perfumes all produced by local SMEs. Henna artists and cartoonists are also present.

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“We created the weekly Hawana Fiesta so as to provide a memorable experience for tourists and Dhofaris but also to support the local community,” destination director, Hawana Salalah, Ahmed Salem elucidated. “We are working hand in hand with our partners to empower SMEs and are committed to supporting them in creating strong and stable businesses. With the influx of tourists, especially those on package holidays, the number of people visiting the Fiesta continues to grow.”

The event offers something for the entire family, with live music and entertainment. Fiesta-goers can enjoy watching dance and fire shows, in addition to an Omani band playing traditional music, a singer and flutist, while children can engage in activities such as a children’s disco, face painting and a bouncy castle.