Hermes Airports gains ISO 50001:2011 accreditation

Hermes Airports

Hermes Airports has been accredited with ISO 50001:2011 – a world-respected international award in the field of energy management.

Since 2010 the company has been adopting measures to save energy and reducing carbon emissions and the environmental impact of its airports.

Hermes Airports additionally introduced a number of initiatives aimed at raising awareness and educating the airport community and the general public on how to be more eco-conscious.

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As a result of these efforts, over the last five years Hermes Airports has reduced electricity consumption at its airports by 30 per cent; has fitted over 9,000 lights with LED bulbs; and has installed inverter equipment in cooling and air heating systems of the terminal buildings of its two airports.

Hermes Airports is committed to utilising electricity in the most effective, efficient and environmentally responsible manner, and is exploring ways to make use of renewable forms of energy.