HMH: Serious about technology

Recognising the fundamental importance of moving forward with the times, Hospitality Management Holdings (HMH) is on a mission to streamline and boost its digital capabilities, thus providing travellers with wider online and mobile access.

The group’s website offers direct access to live rates and availability, driving better conversion rates, and thus, increasing online revenues from direct bookings. It has also integrated new features and content, such as new photographs.


“Online engagement is essential for a more personalised and interactive guest experience,” explained CEO, HMH, Laurent Voivenel.

“Our commitment to improve the way we connect with and serve our guests and hotels lies at the core of our innovation strategy. is the heart of our digital ecosystem.

“Launched in 2014, the multi-brand mobile-friendly reservation website, also available in Arabic, made bookings much faster and easier. Accessible worldwide anytime, anywhere, with both English and Arabic interface, across various distribution channels, it has significantly increased our penetration in key markets by reinforcing our online presence.”

Voivenel declared that moving forward, the company’s strategy is to develop and optimise its digital platforms to drive high growth markets in order to unlock full potential and maximise the top line.

He continued: “Powered by Trust International, our booking channel is one of the most advanced, efficient and user-friendly. The ultimate aim is to provide our guests an online service that is consistent with new consumer habits. Over two billion people currently have a smart phone and nearly 45 per cent of travel searches are made from mobile phones. Therefore, mobile bookings are an essential aspect of our guest experience – be it before, during or after their stay.”