Hotelbeds on mission to acquire 14,000 new travel agent customers


Committed to offering hoteliers access to high-value guests, Hotelbeds has shed light on its plan to increase the number of travel agent customers affiliated to the bedbank booking platform.

The main aim of this plan is to add 14,000 new travel agent customers (mainly luxury travel agents and those specialising in high-value, long-haul bookings) over the next three years, pushing the total to over 64,000 travel agents globally.

Travel agents, as well as tour operators, airlines and points redemption schemes, form a key part of Hotelbeds’ strong commitment to offer to hoteliers incremental bookings of non-domestic and high-value guests, who generally book in advance, cancel less, pay more for a room, spend more and return more frequently.

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Managing director, Bedbank, Carlos Muñoz declared: “Recently we announced the beginning of a new era for Hotelbeds under a single unified brand and purpose: to support our hotel partners by providing incremental bookings of non-domestic and high-value guests through a network of B2B travel trade buyers formed by travel agents, tour operators, points redemption schemes and airlines.

“Our three-year plan for the retail channel is to continue to grow the number of travel agents to over 64,000 by 2022 – an increase of 14,000 – especially in niche segments such as luxury and high-end, long-haul oriented and specialty packages.

“The recently refreshed new Bedsonline brand – which is the retail brand used by Hotelbeds – and enhanced value proposition for customers, along with our strong local relevance and presence, improved product offering and tools are going to be the key drivers in achieving this goal,” Muñoz concluded.