Hotelbeds sheds light on new ‘Safe Stay’ distribution filter category


Hotelbeds is gearing up to launch its new ‘Safe Stay’ distribution filter category in the next few weeks, which will work to support the recovery of the travel industry.

This new category consolidates and displays the various COVID-19 health and safety protocols and certifications that travel industry companies, tourism boards and lobby groups have created during the user’s booking process.

The Safe Stay category includes accommodation and providers of services, such as transfers, activities, theme parks and car rental. All products with a listing in the category will feature a Safe Stay badge in the booking engine, along with a glossary featuring all protocols.


Hotelbeds partners who have created their own COVID-19 health and safety protocols are eligible to include their information in the filter category, while hotel partners can do so directly via MaxiRoom – Hotelbeds’ partner extranet.

The Safe Stay category will be visible as a filter on the Hotelbeds and Bedsonline booking engines, and the same information will be made available to all of Hotelbeds’ API clients to configure into their own systems.

Risk, compliance, internal audit and sustainability director, Hotelbeds, Tobias Thibaut commented on the new initiative: “Today more than ever, we need to focus on the safety and wellbeing of guests during the COVID-19 pandemic. When it becomes available in a few weeks our ‘Safe Stay’ filter category will be very valuable for our clients when reserving a hotel for their customers or other ancillary products by giving them greater confidence and thus helping the tourism sector recover more quickly.

“As there are already many different standards and certification processes out there, it is important to bring them together under one category and for the information to be easily displayed in the booking process. We encourage all our supplier partners out there who have introduced their own standards or who are adhering to third party standards to input the details in MaxiRoom right away to gain the Safe Stay badge,” he added.