ibis: Brand identity transformation


Hospitality giant, ibis, has revolutionised economy hotel standards by introducing a new customer experience that focuses on hospitality, the local community and increased social interaction.

The new, revitalised ibis concept will position hotels under the brand’s vast global network as genuine living spaces for everyone, that are flexible, welcoming and on-trend, and which satisfy the various expectations of their clientele at any time of day.

As part of the brand reimagination, ibis intends to welcome visitors to a new life hub, where guests can sleep, dine, interact with others or enjoy live music, as well as offering new and flexible spaces that encourage social interaction and the development of connections between customers, travellers and local residents.


Upon arrival to hotels under the new ibis concept, guests will be welcomed by a member of the ‘ibis Smile Team’ and complete check-in formalities at the lounge while enjoying refreshments from the comfort of the lobby.

The ibis model has also evolved from a uniform and standardised approach into a flexible and personalised one, made possible by three new design concepts. The selected designers in Europe, Latin America and Asia have based their concepts on connecting each hotel with the surrounding community.

Guests will have the option to choose from rooms that can accommodate between one to six people, depending on their requirements. They can additionally opt for the Smart Room, ibis’ concept that is transforming accessibility standards. As a result of its large size and functional furniture, it provides accessibility, wellbeing, comfort and safety for everyone.

In addition, the brand has developed a new range of dining options that will complement the customer experience. The hub of the hotels, the lounge, will offer a tailored menu, a signature visual identity and various design elements to help create a unique atmosphere

Over 60 ibis properties are currently in operation or in the pipeline across the Middle East and Africa. The new ibis concept will be rolled out across the region over the next few months, further transforming the economy segment within the region.