INTERVIEW: Chief commercial officer, Pegasus Airlines, Guliz Ozturk

Pegasus Airlines

Chief commercial officer, Pegasus Airlines, Guliz Ozturk speaks to TTG about the low-cost carrier’s exciting plans for the upcoming year.

TTG: Share with our readers your most exciting news and developments.

Since the launch of Pegasus Airlines’ scheduled flights, we have worked hard on innovation and development to improve the customer experience. After dedicating much of 2018 to our Digital Airlines promise, we implemented our Butterfly project, focusing on the digital transformation of our website and mobile channels. It was an important process for us and it was exciting to see guests embracing our new look.

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TTG: What strategy will you be implementing for 2019?

In 2019, Pegasus Airlines will increase the frequency of its international flights, especially for summer holiday destinations, by the start of the summer period. We anticipate an 18 per cent increase in the frequency of international flights. We have already doubled our routes to and from Antalya.

TTG: Which feeder markets are you currently targeting?

The MENA market is one of our key areas for network development. In 2018, we launched flights from Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen airport to Dammam, Muscat, Jeddah and Sharjah. From Antalya we also established daily flights to Amman, four times weekly flights to Beirut and four times weekly flights to Erbil. During the winter period, we are continuing all these flights, except Beirut.

Due to its high traffic levels for both business and leisure, the MENA region is vital to us from a strategic perspective. In 2018, we added Dammam, Muscat, Jeddah and Sharjah to our network of destinations, and we plan to launch flights between Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen and Basra on March 2 this year. [On February 14 we introduced] a twice weekly route from Gaziantep to Erbil.

The MENA region is challenging in terms of traffic rights, but we are looking into opportunities to boost our business with new routes and increased flight frequency.